jueves, septiembre 21, 2006

Acabaito de sacar de la olla!


A group calling itself the Committee for Democratic Reform under the Monarchy as Head of State has apparently seized control of the government institutions in Bangkok and declared martial law.

We have seen various reports that the military has deployed troops around key government facilities and other strategic locations around Bangkok.

There are no indications of any violence at this point.

We advise all American Citizens to continue to monitor the situation closely, avoid any large gatherings and exercise discretion when moving about the city.

At this point, we are not advising Americans to leave Thailand; however, Americans planning to travel to Thailand may wish to consider deferring travel until the situation becomes clearer.

The Embassy will continue to follow developments closely. If there is any important information regarding the security of US citizens the Embassy will post it on the U.S. Embassy Bangkok and Department of State websites.


Thailand State of Emergency

Currently there is a Coup attempt going on between the military and government of Thailand while their Prime Minister is away at the UN meeting in New York.

********* guidance is to delay all travel to Thailand until further notice. &*(*^))) guidance for those personnel already in-country is to stay put for next 24 hrs and maintain contact with OPS center.

All ****** will report immediately through .....of any civilians or military personnel currently in Thailand and any expected travel within the next week. Negative response requested.

Any units in contact with their personnel will have them contact the US Embassy in Bangkok located at 120/22 Wireless Road, Bangkok (tel. 66-2-205-4000) or the US Consulate in Chiang Mai at Vidhyanond Road (tel. 66-2-252-629/30-33).


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